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Tiger Fight, October 11th. Recently, Manchester City’s COO Omar Velada, in charge of transfer operations, talked about Eric Garcia in an interview. He said: The reason why he did not sell to Barcelona was to avoid some problems. The necessary risks.

老虎大战,10月11日。最近,负责接送业务的曼城首席运营官Omar Velada在一次采访中谈到了埃里克·加西亚(Eric Garcia)。他说:他之所以不卖给巴塞罗那,是为了避免一些麻烦。必要的风险。

He said: "Eric has become an important player for us and has played some important games with the team, especially in the past few months, the FA Cup semi-finals and the Champions League quarter-finals."


"He has become a top young guard that Guashuai trusts. We think it is more valuable to keep him this season. Because we believe that he can increase the depth of the team and play an important role in important games."


"For the players, this season is very difficult, both physically and mentally. You know, the schedule is very crowded, and the pressure to participate in club games and international competitions will be great, so the games are very concentrated and intensive."


"In addition, due to Covid-19, the risk of injury is also high, and players are also at risk of being quarantined, so we considered all these factors and decided to let him stay."


Speaking of the gap between Barcelona’s offer and Manchester City’s psychological price (£2 million), he said: “I can’t comment on the decisions and business of other clubs, but we discussed the issue of Eric Garcia with Barcelona.”


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