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【LOL赛事竞猜】【一点小总结】塞尔塔vs巴萨 时隔五年,巴萨终于...

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[A little summary] Celta vs Barcelona After five years, Barcelona finally broke the curse of invincibility at the Valedos Stadium. Although Messi failed to score goals, he used his personal ability to make own goals. Koman allowed Barcelona's offense to regain fluidity, especially when Coutinho was activated visible to the naked eye. Compared with Fati's promotion to the future star, the lame on the right is more obvious, and Grid needs to find his presence as soon as possible. This embarrassment is nothing more than when passively changing people, the camera first finds him, which means a lot. The inner support is stable, but the defense problem continues to be exposed... For the time being, at least, Koeman blocked outside doubts with actions. Also~ Today’s substitution~ I think it’s great

[小结]塞尔塔vs巴塞罗那 五年后,巴塞罗那终于打破了在Valedos体育场立于不败之地的诅咒。尽管梅西未能进球,但他还是利用自己的能力制定了自己的目标。科曼让巴塞罗那的进攻恢复了流畅,特别是当库蒂尼奥被肉眼看到激活时。与法蒂晋升为未来之LOL竞猜星相比,右边的the子更为明显,而格莱德需要尽快找到他的存在。这种尴尬只不过是当人们第一次被动地改LOL竞猜变人们时,相机首先找到了他,这意味着很多。内部支持是稳定的,但防御问题仍然暴露。 至少暂时来说,科曼通过行动阻止了外界的怀英雄联盟竞猜平台疑。 还有〜今天的换人〜我觉得很棒

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