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The newly promoted Benevento led by Philippe Inzaghi's performance in the first game of Serie A in the new season is very amazing. They finally chased 3 goals and defeated Sampdoria after being behind 0-2 in the 18 minutes of the away game. .

由菲利普·因扎吉(Philippe Inzaghi)带领的新晋贝内文托队在新赛季的意甲首场比赛中的表现令人赞叹。他们最终在客场比赛的18分钟内以0-2落后于3个进球并击败了桑普多利亚。 。

"Even when we were behind, I still felt a little happy when I saw Lazio's lead on the big screen. From a coach like my brother, I will only learn something that can benefit me. Something." Pippo said after the game.


"After the game, I called my home, but my dad started to cry and I couldn't hear what he was saying!"


"I am very happy that we, as a newly promoted horse, can complete the reversal when we are behind 0-2. We refuse to give up or even refuse to be satisfied with only 1 point. We want to win, and we have won. I really appreciate our players' Attitude, we got 60% possession of the ball at the Marassie Stadium, which is not easy to do. I am satisfied to be praised by a coach like Ranieri after the game."


"People keep asking if I have changed, because everyone remembers the difficult moments I experienced, but if I didn't experience the disappointments in Serie A, I would not create with Benevento. Serie B records, these are all part of the journey."

“人们一直在问我是否有所改变,因为每个英雄联盟竞猜平台人都记得我经历过的艰难时刻,但是如果我没有对意甲的失望,我就不会与贝内文托一起创造。意乙的记录,这些都是旅程的一部分。 ”

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