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In a Bundesliga match that ended early this morning, Dortmund defeated Schalke 3-0 and won Ruderby's victory. Dortmund midfielder Brandt said that he wants to maintain such a state and has to perform well in the Bundesliga and the Champions League.


Brandt said after the game: "The victory of Derby is the most wonderful thing that can be experienced in a season, especially such a big score. I believe football can always bring fun. There are some very good squads in our lineup. Players, you can play top football with them. I always want to win and have fun on the court. We have shown that we have a lot of possession and are always ready to get the ball, including the second drop. Let’s fight, although it’s not easy because the opponent’s position is deep."


"Their defense was a little lax in the second half and we had a chance to shoot. We can see that we are improving. We made it possible for the entire team to defend together as a team. This will bring us courage in the next few weeks. The important thing is that we have to Keep it going, whether in the Bundesliga or the Champions League."


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