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LOL竞猜_范戴克遭恶犯对手却逃处罚 曼联人都看不下去了gif

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   Liverpool faced Everton, but after the lightning start, Liverpool suffered a fatal blow.


   Only 3 minutes into the game, Liverpool took the lead. In the 6th minute, Liverpool had another chance. Van Dijk tried to counter offside in the attack. Just as the Dutchman was about to get the ball, Everton goalkeeper Pickford attacked and knocked out Van Dijk with a scissor action.

比赛进行仅3分钟,利物浦就取得了领先。在第6分钟,利物浦有了另一个机会。范·迪克(Van Dijk)试图抵抗进攻中的越位。就在荷兰人即将拿到球的同时,埃弗顿门将皮克福德(Pickford)进行进攻,用剪刀动作将范迪克击倒。

   Van Dyke was in pain after falling to the ground, rolling again and again. After the team doctor came into the field to check, Van Dyke could not insist and limped off the court and was substituted.

范·戴克(Van DykeLPL竞猜)跌倒在地,一次又一次滚动后感到疼痛。队医进入现场检查后,范·戴克无法坚持并步出场,被换下场。

   However, referee Oliver did not penalize Pickford after being reminded by VAR, because Van Dyke was offside before the advance.

但是,主裁判奥利弗(Oliver)在VAR提醒后并未对皮克福德(Pickford)进行处罚,因为范戴克(Van Dyke)在晋级前越位。

   Such penalties have caused heated discussions on social media. Many people questioned that Van Dijk was not offside first, and more people believed that whether Van Dijk was offside should not be a reason for Pickford to escape punishment.


   On this issue, Liverpool's arch rival Manchester United star Gary Neville also gave his opinion concisely: "penalty + red card".


   What do you think of this ball?


   (long song)


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